Fiber to the building

Exclusive offer – Connect to the wireless Internet without equipment purchase!

Medianis has prepared a special offer for all of you who need a fast and reliable Internet connection!

If You have a computer and live in a building or a block of semi-detached buildings do not miss a unique opportunity to connect to the wireless system of Medianis, with no obligation for purchasing or hiring the equipment! It is necessary that only four of Your neighours who have a computer, apply for this type of connecting to the Internet, and in this way join you.

All of you will experience the Internet surf with rates faster up to 20 times in comparison to dial-up access, with the possibility for a mutual exchange of files, the enjoyment of playing computer games, chatting, communicating via web camera and microphone, etc.

Note: it is possible to network more than a single building on condition that they are semi-detached, with the minimum number of 5 users (for example: 2 users from the first and 3 from the second building, in case that the building block consists of two entrances at least).

Features and benefits of Medianis wireless access compared to ADSL:

  • permanent connection to the Internet – 24 hours
  • direct connection to Medianis, independent of Telecom infrastructure (for ADSL technical possibilities check, the realization of the connection, the speed of change and cancellation policies vary by Telecom, which is not the case here)
  • an excellent level of reliability and availability across the city (ADSL Internet access is possible only in places where is installed DSL equipment)
  • symmetrical data transfer – the speed of receiving and sending data is the same (with ADSL the speed of sending data (upload) is 4 times smaller than the speed of receiving data (download)
  • as a wireless Internet user you are not required to be every month subscribe to any package (this assumes that the user has previously paid the debt) (with ADSL, you must pay each month at least cost of “Parking lot” port in the minimum amount of 700 rsd)
  • for prepaid access – You can spend megabytes leased within one year (unused megabytes defined basic package is not transmitted by ADSL access)
  • Internet access services is not conditional on other services (for ADSL access if You have not paid your phone bill Your access to the internet will be turned off by Telecom)
  • all technical problems Medianis removes on the user’s call.

LATEST OFFER IN MEDIANIS – FTTB – Fiber to the Building

If you are building tenants:

  1. Bulevar Nemanjića 10
  2. Blagoja Parovića 12
  3. Čarnojevića 12
  4. Majakovskog 91
  5. Topličina 4
  6. Mokranjčeva 65

Do not miss a unique opportunity for rapid and reliable optical internet. Please contact us using the form or by telephone on 4226-578 or in person in Vojvode Mišića 58 / L4 (open 8:00 to 19:00), to determine the dates for the connection that best suits you!

Since 01.07.2016. all users in these apartment buildings have the ability to get internet at fantastic prices.


5/1 mbps

10/2 mbps

15/3 mbps

20/5 mbps

30/10 mbps

50/15 mbps

100/20 mbps

24 months

750 rsd

1095 rsd

1390 rsd

1710 rsd

2390 rsd

3250 rsd

4490 rsd

12 months

860 rsd

1260 rsd

1590 rsd

1970 rsd

2750 rsd

3750 rsd

5155 rsd



1130 rsd

1650 rsd

2070 rsd

2560 rsd

3570 rsd

4850 rsd

6710 rsd

Soon, optical access also in the following buildings:

  1. Bulevar Nemanjića 2, 34, 34a, 38, 38a, 40, 42, 44, 48, 48a
  2. Pariske komune 9, 11, 13, 15
  3. Mokranjčeva 94, 96a
  4. Blagoja Parovića 2, 4, 10, 14, 16
  5. Starca Vujadina 32

UTP Internet access

If you are interested, do not miss to contact us either by form, by phone at 4226-578 or in person in Vojvode Mišića 58 / L4 (open 8:00 to 19:00), to determine the dates for the connection that best suits you!

Since 01.07.2016. all users in residential buildings have the ability to get internet at a special discounted rate.


2/.5 mbps

3/.7 mbps

4/1.2 mbps

5/1 mbps

6/1.5 mbps

8/2 mbps

24 months

460 rsd

580 rsd

690 rsd

750 rsd

850 rsd

1000 rsd

12 months


660 rsd

790 rsd

860 rsd

990 rsd

1150 rsd





1050 rsd

1130 rsd

1290 rsd

1500 rsd

The physical installation of equipment by the user, commissioning and registration of users on the system in the course of the campaign is FREE with your first paid subscription!