Server housing

You have a PC with your presentation, database or application software and want to enable a fast access to users? Setup your PC directly to our backbone.

Your server will be setup in our specialized premises and directly connected to the Internet link, i.e. its contents will become visible to the whole world, 24 hours a day, with the fastest possible speed.

Advantages of server housing

  • Free space for your server in air-conditioned premises
  • Connection to unremitting sources of power supply – UPS and aggregate
  • Registered domain for your company with a suffix .rs, or com.
  • Possibility of installing your own communications server with a software for e-mail exchange
  • Link from the Medianis official web site to your web presentation on the server
  • An option for a weekly backup of server files

server housing

Technical prerequisite

For this service usage you need to have a server (PC or RISC) with the installed network connection and software.

Technical characteristics of the service

  • Administration through dial-in
  • Corresponding IP address