About us

Internet Service Provider Pogled Medianis

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Part of „Pogled“ that enables a high quality internet access as well as all additional internet services.

Up to now, ISP Medianis has been following the latest achievements in Internet and implemented them successfully.

ISP Medianis takes an outstanding place which is a result of advanced technology applications and implementations during the last years. Such a policy has brought about an increase of new internet users, especially those who prefer an on-line internet access. We are proud that ISP Medianis has a great number of business clients in the region of Nis.

We have also been cooperating with a great number of companies in Nis and out as well as all other users of internet services. Especial partnerships have been made with renowned media of Nis.


Informatics Engineering

Most of the companies possess certain computer networks. Such systems contain only the possibility of communication among computers within the network. Additional possibilities such as traffic evidence, system protection, implementation of local mail servers and other internal services are not included so we can offer to implement them by our team of ISP engineers.